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Your Young Adult’s Biggest Question: Who am I?

“Many moms of new college students worry about the decisions their kids are making and their overall well being. Are they drinking too much? Are they safe on campus? Do they eat nutritious meals? Are they living the life they want to live? This sort of ‘mom-worry’ is something I’ve seen quite a lot in my experience both as a coach and psychologist. Do you have a ‘big kid’ who is in the throes of rapid identity development? Reach out if you want support or help thinking through how best to support them!”

Independence in the College Years

“It is possible to have a balanced approach as we help our college kids develop the skills they need to navigate life as adults. Rather than push them to be independent, you can foster their autonomy while building a deep connection with them.”

What To Do If You Have No Passion

“When it comes to making career decisions, we get a lot of messages about how our passion lives somewhere deep inside of us, and our task is to discover it. It’s easy to assume that you must know how to find your passion—perhaps saving lives as a doctor or teaching the next generation as an educator.”

Top Tips for Dealing with Empty Nest Sadness

“As your children grow up and leave the nest, it’s natural to feel a sense of sadness and loss. Your once bustling home is now quiet and empty, and it can be a difficult adjustment. But, it’s important to remember that this is a normal part of your mom journey and there are ways to cope with the sadness. Here are some of my top tips for dealing with empty nest sadness!”

Top Resources Available for Parents of College Students

“As a parent of a college student, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn for support and resources as you navigate your child’s college years. One of the most important resources is the college itself. Many colleges have resources where you can find information about everything from financial aid to academic support services. Your child’s college may also offer workshops or seminars for parents on topics like college admissions, financial planning, and student health and wellness. The information they offer is great, but it is critical to remember that they are only sharing what they want you to know. What about the rest? What do you want to know?”

Why You Should Consider Life Coaching for Your Young Adult

“Young adults frequently face decisions that can leave them feeling overwhelmed. There are so many firsts for young adults! From choosing a career path to navigating relationships, it can be difficult for them to know what steps to take in order to achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life. This is where life coaching for young adults can help!”

What Safety Precautions Should my Daughter Take When Living in a Dorm?

“As a mom, one of the biggest concerns you may have when your daughter moves into a dorm is her safety. For expert advice contact personal safety expert and/or consider self-defense training programs for your daughter. I am not a safety expert but, drawing on my over thirty years of working with college students, moms, and colleges as well as having daughters of my own – I am sharing what I have learned. Here are some safety tips for your daughter to keep in mind while living in a dorm.”

How Can I Help my Child Budget Their Money and Manage Their Finances in College?

“A big concern for most moms is wondering how their college kid will budget – especially given their new found freedom! While I am not a financial advisor, I have talked with countless moms and college students over the years and I have learned a lot. In this blog I share some ideas from what I have learned. For more specific financial planning and education consult with a financial expert! Teaching your child about financial literacy, how to budget, and how to manage their money can set them up for financial success in the future.”

Will Life Coaching Help Me?

“If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or uncertain, you may be wondering: will life coaching help me? The short answer is yes, life coaching can be incredibly beneficial if you want support in reaching your goals and creating change in your life.”