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IGNITE’s Take on Ted Lasso

“You watch how Ted ignores his panic and how, over time, it grows and grows – as problems that need to be addressed will do… And finally, he reaches out for help. You watch Jamie Tartt ignore his pain, make terrible decisions, and lose a lot in the process. As a coach, I see this happen over and over again. We ignore our problems when we could save ourselves a lot of misery by tackling them head-on. I also see the opposite happen, where we just ruminate about our problems, running scenarios over in our heads repeatedly. We get the same result as when we ignore problems: they usually get worse. “

Introducing ‘Research Revelations’

“There’s a LOT of junk out there in the coaching world – empty promises, false claims, glitzy marketing – but there is also a TON of excellent evidence-based strategies that science suggests are effective. And, unfortunately, it’s NOT always easy to tell the difference! IGNITE is built on evidence-based techniques, which is why I say I ‘use science to IGNITE change.’ My newest blog category, ‘Research Revelations’, will summarize peer-review findings to make research about coaching accessible and fun to read! This week, I’ll be discussing a peer-reviewed study that supports the efficacy of some of my typical coaching practices.”

The Power of Being Coached: A ‘Thank You’ To Kate

“Exemplary coaching brings you back to reconnect with yourself in the most fundamental of ways. Your vision is sharpened and you clearly see what was blurry, obscured from your view – the truths you knew about yourself all along before losing your way. Coaching does all of this while also stretching you to grow in ways you didn’t expect. Your coach sees things you can’t quite see. They don’t have the answers, but they see YOU. With curiosity, respect, and empathy, they collaborate with you to further define your values and your purpose as you work together to establish goals for your growth. Everyday, I take what Kate taught me, and I try to bring it into the world to honor her and to hold myself accountable to the highest of coaching standards.”

It’s All About Choice

“That one year of staying at home with my first child turned into twenty years of fitting my career around my children’s needs and schedules. The committee was right, I never did publish. The committee was also wrong, I have never regretted my choice for a second. I am not sharing my story to suggest my path is THE path to take, but instead that there is NO right path for all women to take. Have children or don’t. Work full time and have your children in daycare or stay at home. Make choices that fit you.”

Reflections on Back to School

“Of course, we should be open and enthusiastic about all of the amazing things college has to offer our children. But let’s not be foolish. I have always been, as a friend calls me “a pathological truth-teller.” I live based on truth and prepare accordingly. Over the years, my daughter found faculty and staff she could trust. Both of my children had wonderful college experiences, but they also had challenges along the way, some of which were pretty darn scary. I would like to think that their pathological truth-telling mother helped them to prepare for the inevitable “bad stuff” that no one tells you about during college visits.”

IGNITE in Men’s Health!

“Feel the unpleasant emotions – don’t ignore them. Refocus on the positive. You can strengthen your strengths and lessen your weaknesses by focusing very specifically on what to DO. What are you trying to achieve? Define it, and see yourself there. Exactly what will you be doing? Define the goals and then break them into achievable (yet challenging steps) where you can build progressively until you cross the finish line.”

Pierre Gasly’s Comeback

“When Gasly was demoted, I didn’t think we would hear from him again. I thought he would permanently fade into the background of his sport. Instead, his post-demotion performance has improved dramatically. Just several weeks after the year anniversary of his demotion and his friend’s death, Gasly shocked the racing world and won the F1 Italian Grand Prix, and in a ‘B Team’ car. To see him WIN — in a mid-level car with fewer team resources than his competitors — was incredibly inspiring. Somehow, he took the opportunity before him and held himself accountable to do his very best. How did Gasly win? Only he knows, but I have some guesses.”

Learning from Losing

“Believing the popular mantra of ‘becoming stronger from failure’ is not enough. You can fail at something and tell yourself, “this is necessary for growth,” but that doesn’t actually ignite any change. You don’t just become stronger from facing adversity. Failing passively will. not. work. Failing passively leads to a spiral downward because there is no potential for growth. The passivity continues to feed all of the negative thoughts and feelings. “I am a loser. I am a complete failure…” It goes on and on and on. You need to know what to DO with failure. You need to think about what THIS failure teaches you, what it means, and how it can help you grow.”

Women & Mothers Coaching

“So often, you feel that you just can’t juggle it all. The demands on your time often feel crushing — everyone needs something from you NOW. The mental load is exhausting. And yet you have some goals, some dreams, and some needs that are YOURS (that is, if you can remember what they were…). Come back together as a whole. Find a way to pursue some goals that are important to YOU for your growth, your joy, and your health.”

Health & Wellness Coaching

“We’ve all got that dusty pile of dumbbells in the corner that we never use. We’ve all committed to and sometimes even managed to ‘start tomorrow’. Maybe you manage to work out for a few days in a row before life crashes in, and the workouts move to the bottom of the priority list. And suddenly, you’re back to feeling like you need to be doing more. The cycle of inconsistency – the highs and lows, the ons and offs – are so common. And you can also overcome them.”

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