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College Athletes Bill of Rights & Your College Athlete

“You might have seen that in 2021 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of student-athletes by allowing them to earn increased education-related benefits. Prior to this, the NCAA’s compliance rules limited how student-athletes could benefit from their athletic status and while still remaining eligible to compete under the required ‘amateur status’. The College Athletes Bill of Rights continues that conversation with a few key considerations for those playing or planning to play college athletics. A main area of concern is the Name, Image, and Likeness Policy (NIL) which the NCAA says is rapidly evolving.”

National Campus Safety Awareness Month

“September feels so bittersweet for moms of college students! We’ve just finished preparing for the big college move-in day. We’ve made sure our kids have all that they need when they arrive on campus. It feels like just yesterday that I dropped my own kids off at college, excited for them to start the next chapter of their lives. But are YOU prepared? As the first semester begins, it is a crucial time for moms to know the facts about college safety so they can best prepare themselves and their kids for college life. College campuses can be very unsafe. That is simply the truth.”

Wise Mind

“Have you ever heard of ‘dialectical behavior therapy’ (DBT)? Not enough people have! It is often used for individuals experiencing complex mental health problems, but the core tenants are things everyone can benefit from. There are plenty of DBT self-help resources that anyone can use. Overall, it can be described as a curricula-based therapy program that focuses on helping clients to build skills, particularly when it comes to emotional regulation. Throughout my extensive experience and advanced trainings, I find that integrating DBT techniques into your life is almost always helpful!”

Women Doing Office Housework

“You’ve done the schooling, put in the hours, and finally landed your dream job. All your hard work has paid off. Your ambitions have finally been realized. You walk straight into the office, head held high–until somebody shoves a stack of papers in your hand and says, “Welcome to the office, can you make copies of these, oh, and coffee…” The other new person, John, is standing right next to you, and no one asks him to do anything…”

Motherhood in the Pandemic

“Motherhood is hard, but motherhood during a worldwide pandemic must be at least 1000x harder! On a good day, moms are already overwhelmed with 754 things to do, 421 places to be, and about a million things to think about. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, a lot of people said that ‘the world stopped’. That’s true in some ways, but for moms all around the globe, kids stayed home from school and daycare, and life suddenly became much, much busier. Goodbye routine, hello uncertainty! It became so much harder to find a spare minute for yourself. Any space you may have had from your children likely disappeared overnight.”

Some Benefits of Space for Moms

“Often, mothers shrink themselves by no longer pursuing their hobbies, changing their career goals, eating the foods their kids will eat… In time they just disappear and become “mom” while they’re focused on raising their kids. And this is a fair coping mechanism given the craziness that ensues, especially in early motherhood. Though now I’d do anything to get it back, I think back to the days when my two girls were young and remember the complete exhaustion I often felt. There were so many workouts I missed and kid-friendly meals that I ate while racing around attending to them.”

Supporting Your College Student’s Mental Health

“In my experience, moms who focus only on the good stuff often leave their kids unprepared when the bad stuff happens. If you would like more information about the challenges college students face and how you can be prepared, you can go to my website to learn about my specialized coaching and on-demand webinar: “COLLEGE UNCOVERED: 10 Things Moms Need to Know about College Life.” You can also learn about services that I offer for your big kid!”

Calling All Moms of Gifted Kids!

“Helping moms of gifted kids is one of my areas of speciality. I’m passionate about this topic because, in addition to working with moms of gifted kids, I went through it myself (twice), and there were days I felt I was failing no matter what I did. Being a mom is incredibly hard, and we need all the support we can get! If we have a gifted kid it can be particularly exhausting. Because I use science to ignite change, I figured an academic article was as good a place as any to start a conversation about moms of gifted kids.”

Do You Hate Exercise?

“For people like myself, it’s really hard to exercise. All the emphasis on its importance doesn’t make it any easier. It actually makes me feel worse. When thinking about wellness and exercise, there are many ways a person can stay active. You don’t need to be a Peloton superstar or marathon runner to be in good shape.”

Open Letter to Moms of College Students

“Within the first few weeks of my first being away, I found myself dealing with that dreaded phone call in the middle of the night. My big kid and their brand new friends witnessed a very disturbing and serious incident. They took all the right steps. They tried to get help. While I was very upset and worried, I was confident that the school would respond well. I knew the road would be rough, but I also knew the school would both protect and care for the students. I was completely confident that my child and their friends would get the support and help needed. In fact, over speakerphone at 1:00am, I assured them they would. I literally promised them. It turns out that I could not have been more wrong.”

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