Surviving the College Transition

A woman sitting at the desk working to signify carrying the mental load

Despite all the tedious preparations, you still feel anxious as you prepare for your child’s college transition. It’s a time full of exciting new challenges and fun opportunities but also of new worries (what if the totes are the wrong size for their dorm room?!). This is a big step for BOTH of you. I have been there! Surviving the college transition is a daunting concept. Yes, you will have heard some useful things from college tours and admissions talks. But those sources don’t share all the information that you really want to know before your child arrives. With IGNITE, learn about the common challenges that schools don’t advertise but that your child will almost definitely encounter. You will learn: 

              • common problems college students face some of which can impact their safety,
              • about important topics to discuss in advance with your children, and
              • how to think through coping strategies in advance so you both can handle the college transition.