Embarking on the Empty Nest Adventure

Older woman with short white hair sitting on a beach at sunset, smiling into the distance for health and wellness IGNITE Peak Performance coaching service

Being a mom can be an amazing experience. This is precisely why it can be such a challenge when your kids leave. You spent years embracing all the highs and lows of motherhood: cheering on the sidelines, cleaning up cuts and scrapes, comforting them in hard times. You have so much to take care of, it’s easy for you to lose your connection with yourself along the way. Perhaps you stopped golfing on the weekends because you had to drive to tennis practice, or maybe it’s been ages since you’ve eaten your favorite meal because nobody else in the family likes it. And now, suddenly, you’re embarking on the empty nest adventure! When this time comes, it can leave you with mixed emotions: sadness, confusion, and excitement. It is not uncommon to wonder what comes next. I know I did! The good news is that with IGNITE, you can:

          • reconnect with yourself and plan for your next steps, and
          • take advantage of new opportunities in front of you.