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Prepare for your child’s college journey with the Mom Cheat Sheet, a trusted resource developed by Dr. Lisa Stephen, a mom with over three decades of professional experience working with moms, students, and colleges.

What’s Inside?

  • Customizable Plan: Develop a plan specific to your child’s unique needs, ensuring you have the right resources in place.
  • Organized Essentials: Record vital information so it’s easily accessible when your child needs help. No more frantic searching in stressful moments.
  • Preparedness: Be organized and ready ahead of time for challenges that may arise during your child’s college journey. Less worry, more peace of mind.
  • Dr. Lisa Stephen’s Extensive Experience: Benefit from her vast knowledge.

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Be the prepared college mom and support your student’s experience. 

Lisa Sthephen

Lisa Stephen, PhD, ACC, NBC-HWC

Doctorate – Counseling Psychology
Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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