Supporting Your “Big Kid”

Parent dropping child off at college to represent supporting your big kid

In some ways, it was a lot easier when you could control more aspects of your child’s environment. Now that they’ve grown and flown, you worry about them out there in the world. You want them to have support. You want them to be challenged to be their best selves. They may be adults now, but they’re still your kids. Of course, you want them to come to you when they need to, but you also want them to build their own support structures to help them along. I remember the relief I felt once my “big kids” established this in their own lives. Sometimes, the best way I can support women and mothers is by working with your “big kid” (18 years of age and older). Supporting your big kid is a big job, and it may help to have some help along the way! It can be challenging to find resources for the “I am not yet an adult but I’m becoming one” stage. With IGNITE, your “big kid” can: 

          • define clear steps and work towards goals in their education or career,
          • learn mental skills and coping tools to apply to their lives, and
          • develop clarity about their purpose/values and make an action plan to reach their goals.