Advanced Training

“I have been able to witness firsthand Lisa’s dedication to her clients and I have been impressed by how they consistently reach their goals.”

Colleague, 2021

Lisa holds a master’s and doctorate in counseling psychology and practiced as a psychologist for over thirty years while adhering to the rigorous academic and continuing education requirements set forth by the American Psychological Association. As she trained to become a professional coach, Lisa completed over 200 hours of instruction through the post-graduate executive and life coach training program at the College of Executive Coaching. She went on to become an associate certified coach through the International Coaching Federation. Lisa is also a National Board certified health and wellness coach

In addition to her distinguished credentials, Lisa expanded her skills by learning the discipline of sport and performance psychology.  Building on her formal education, she had the pleasure and honor of being mentored by the late Dr. Kate Hays, renowned for research, writing, and teachings in the field of sport psychology. Lisa had the privilege to train under some of the top professionals in sport and performance psychology including:

    • Dr. Frederick Neff of ProFormance, who has worked with the Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, and a myriad of collegiate and professional athletes.
    • Dr. Jack Lesyk, director of Ohio Center for Sport Psychology, sport psychologist for the Cleveland Cavaliers, collegiate, Olympic, and professional athlete

Throughout her training, numerous professional coaches and psychologists have directly observed countless hours of Lisa’s work. She participates in peer supervision and mentorship consistently.

Lisa consistently participates in advanced training grounded in empirical evidence that demonstrates ways to help people grow and change for the better. Lisa’s thorough education and training include an array of focus areas to help women embrace their visions and accomplish goals. 

    • Life and personal coaching 
    • Career and executive coaching 
    • Peak performance coaching
    • Health and wellness coaching
    • Sport and performance psychology
    • Gender role impacts in career and personal development
    • Identity development 
    • Mindfulness 
    • Stress management
    • Life balance
    • Regulation of thought and emotion
    • Positive psychology
    • Gratitude 
    • Giftedness

Lisa excels in the field of professional coaching by combining her formal education, professional background, and advanced training to help women embrace their visions and accomplish goals.

“Throughout my years working as a provider, one colleague that I could consistently depend upon for expert advice and collaboration was Dr. Lisa Stephen. I have been able to witness firsthand her dedication to her clients, and I have been impressed by how they consistently reach their goals. I was also able to witness and observe her work from the parent perspective. My son is a competitive athlete. He was able to utilize the coaching, feedback, and skills so that he could improve both on and off the ice. The work they did together was instrumental in him becoming the person he is today.

Psychiatric nurse practitioner & mother of collegiate athlete, 2017