Woman walking path through natureIf you’re feeling lost, stuck, or uncertain, you may be wondering: will life coaching help me? The short answer is yes, life coaching can be incredibly beneficial if you want support in reaching your goals and creating change in your life. 

Life coaching focuses on helping you identify and reach your personal goals. Through one-on-one sessions with a certified life coach, you can gain clarity on your vision, overcome obstacles, and develop a plan of action to achieve your desired outcomes. 

But how exactly can life coaching help you? Here are a few ways:

  • Life coaching increases your clarity. Our own thoughts and emotions can often cloud our judgment and prevent us from seeing things clearly. A life coach can help you see things from a different angle by asking important questions that help you to reflect. They can share their perspective and offer feedback. This can be incredibly valuable in gaining clarity about your goals and making decisions that align with your values and priorities.Woman having discussion to demonstrate life coaching
  • Life coaching helps you to think ahead to identify and overcome obstacles. We all face challenges and obstacles in life, and it can be difficult to navigate them on our own. A life coach can help you identify the obstacles standing in your way, identify likely barriers in the future, and help you to develop a plan to overcome them. This could include providing support and accountability, as well as offering strategies and techniques you can consider as you develop more tools for your toolkit!
  • Life coaching helps you develop a plan of action. Once you have clarity on your goals and have identified any obstacles standing in your way, a life coach can help you develop a plan of action to achieve your desired outcomes. This could include setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals, as well as creating a timeline and action plan for reaching those goals.Woman speaking to a life coaching client

Life coaching can be incredibly helpful! If you’re feeling stuck or unsure of how to move forward in your life, consider working with a certified life coach to gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and develop a plan of action to reach your goals. There’s a lot to consider while hiring a life coach. Look for someone with credentials you respect and a style you think would fit you well. Most importantly, reach out directly to those you think you’d like to work with! Even just a 15-minute chat can help you get a sense of whether a particular life coach suits your needs. If you’d like to go through this process with me, please feel free to reach out