So often, you feel that you just can’t juggle it all. The demands on your time often feel crushing everyone needs something from you NOW. The mental load is exhausting. And yet you have some goals, some dreams, and some needs that are YOURS (that is, if you can remember what they were…). Come back together as a whole. Find a way to pursue some goals that are important to YOU for your growth, your joy, and your health.

Two daughters hugging their mother and smiling at the camera with trees in the background for women and mothers IGNITE Peak Performance coaching serviceIGNITE coaching for women & mothers can help you pause to take care of YOU. Increase your insight and clarity into who you are and what you want to do. Learn how to reach your goals alongside the many demands on your time, attention, and energy. There is NO right path that all women should take. Have children or don’t. Work full time and have your children in daycare or stay at home. Blaze your own trail and make choices that fit for you. Be true to yourself. I have years of specialized training and experience that prepares me to help you find your way.