Personal & Life Coaching


For months, you’ve set yourself a few simple goals. Stop eating that extra bowl of popcorn at night, don’t stay up so late, stop mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. You always make it a few days before falling back into old patterns. And those are just the easy things. If you can’t even get those things right, why bother?

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This is where my Personal & Life coaching services can help. A lot of times, the ‘goals’ clients set themselves are not things they WANT to do but things they want NOT to do. Research shows that in order to achieve success, goals need to be clearly defined, challenging yet achievable, and focused on what TO DO rather than what not to do. When you start Personal & Life coaching, you will gain insight into what is important to you, what you want to change in your life, and make a plan for how to get there. And we have fun celebrating your successes along the way!