You’ve missed EVERY free throw in this game. Your coach is screaming at you from the sideline. His insults ring in your ears as you try not to panic. Your team is going to lose. There’s nothing you can do about it now, but it’s your fault. You’ve let everyone down, and you know it. You need athlete and performer coaching.

Every athlete has had a version of this script in their head at some point. It’s natural to feel scared that you’ll let yourself or your team down. You want to perform well and contribute, not hinder the performance of those around you. The difference between good athletes and great ones is the ability to tame this voice, to use it to make you better in the next moment, whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes to turn things around.

Focused woman preparing to run track raceAthlete & Performer Plans are tailored to individual athletes and performers. Your power lies in how you regulate your emotion, thought and focus regardless of the circumstances. Whether a coach is yelling at you or you’re thinking about the last three dance steps you missed… The scenarios change but the mental skills you need are the same. I will use top-quality assessment tools to help uncover and understand the biggest mental obstacles you face. From there, we work together to build you a customized toolbox of techniques you can use to transform your mistakes from sources of pain to sources of growth. 

With athlete and performer coaching, the next time you play that note wrong or miss that goal, you will be able to maintain a laser-sharp focus and perform at your best consistently