You watch, you think, you plan… you are always trying to do your best to prepare your kids to be on their own in the real world.

How can your 16 year old be ready to commit to a D1 college before they even get their driver’s license? What will your child do if their team hazes them? What will they do if their coach is abusive?

So many student-athletes experience these things. How do you know yours won’t?

How will you navigate your fear every day when they are in college? You have some control of what they do now, but that will change. Will they be ready? Will you be ready?

IGNITE’s Parent Workshops illuminate the rarely discussed problems student-athletes encounter in college and university athletics. Each workshop is tailored to what participants most want to know.

I offer a general workshop topic, and you complete a survey where you can ask your most pressing questions anonymously. I customize the workshop based on your needs. The style of the workshop is both educational and interactive. I present initial information and then we open up to a discussion format. Most workshops take place online in small groups, but in-person workshops can be arranged. Some workshops are just one meeting, while others are short series that cover content progressively over three sessions. Short series workshops include short readings and videos to review before each meeting to enrich our discussion.

You will gain knowledge about issues with collegiate sports that are rarely discussed and tools for helping to prepare yourself and your child for the challenges ahead. This will help you and your child to enjoy the many fabulous things about collegiate sports while coping effectively with the stressors.

Equipped with evidence-based tactics provided in IGNITE’s Parent Workshops, you’ll think: “This is scary, but I can do this. I did it when they were 3-years-old, going to preschool for the first time, and I can do it when they go to college.”