We’ve all got that dusty pile of dumbbells in the corner that we never use. We’ve all committed to and sometimes even managed to ‘start tomorrow’. Maybe you manage to work out for a few days in a row before life crashes in, and the workouts move to the bottom of the priority list. And suddenly, you’re back to feeling like you need to be doing more. The cycle of inconsistency – the highs and lows, the ons and offs – are so common. And you can also overcome them.

IGNITE’s Health & Wellness coaching can help you take the first step by identifying the root causes of your struggle. I have highly specialized training in evidence-based approaches that will help you implement effective strategies and methods to maintain consistency. Recently, I became certified in positive psychology health and wellness coaching through the College of Executive Coaching, meaning I now meet the educational requirements for the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaching and the National Board of Medical Examiners.

So if you’re ready to systematically and consistently achieve your wellness goals, contact me for a 15-minute consultation!