Empty nest syndrome, also known as “the empty nest” or “the empty nest blues,” is a term used to describe the feeling of sadness, loss, and emptiness that some moms experience when their children leave home to go to college, move out on their own, or start their own families. For many moms, the empty nest signifies the end of an era. It’s a time when you are no longer needed in the same way you once were, and it can be a difficult adjustment for many moms. You may feel lonely, lost, and unsure of what to do with yourself now that your children are no longer living at home. You also may be facing lots of unhelpful social messages.  

The empty nest can also lead to changes in family dynamics. You may feel a sense of loss or a lack of purpose, and you may struggle to find new ways to connect with your children. You may also find yourself feeling envious of your children’s newfound freedom and independence. It’s important for mothers experiencing empty nest syndrome to remember that this is a normal (but often difficult) part of being a mom and that it’s okay to feel sad or lost. It’s also important to seek support from friends, family, and other resources, such as therapy or support groups, to help yourself navigate this difficult time.

Middle-aged woman smiling to represent empty nest syndromeOne way for you to cope with the empty nest is to find new hobbies and activities or resume your love of old ones in the process of filling your time and rediscovering what brings you joy. You can also focus on maintaining and strengthening relationships with your partner, friends, and other family members. It is really important for most empty-nester moms to focus on their own personal growth and well-being. A life coach can be a huge help here. I specialize in working with women who are embarking on the empty nest adventure. I have been there myself mom! While it was not always easy, I created a new chapter that I love, and now I get to help other mothers do the same! Reach out to me if you think you could use some support. 

While the empty nest can be a difficult time, it can also be a time of growth and new beginnings. You can learn to embrace the empty nest and find new meaning and fulfillment in your life!