10 Things Moms Need to Know about College Life

On-Demand, 45-Minute Webinar | Personalized Toolkit for Moms | $25

You did your research. You visited the schools. And yet, admissions offices didn't share with you what you really need to know. Knowledge is power, and you can be prepared. In this on-demand webinar, I will draw on research, my experience working with colleges and students for over thirty years, and my mom experience. We shine a spotlight on what goes on behind the scenes. You will:

  • hear about common problems your child is likely to face,
  • learn about conversations to consider having with your “big kid”, and
  • receive the “College Uncovered Toolkit” which includes a “Mom Cheat Sheet” to help you develop your own plan specific to your child’s needs and the college they're attending and a “Resource Booklet” with webinar references and additional sources.